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15th July 2019
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Loft Conversion Types

Loft Conversion

Deciding to get a loft conversion is just the start of the journey. You’ll have all the extra space to add another, bedroom, bathroom, cinema or office. Perhaps decorating maybe at the forefront of your mind. However, you probably haven’t thought about the type of loft conversion you want. This is one of the most important factors. It will determine the mount of space you’ll be able to access but also how the conversion will alter the structure of your home.

Check out our list about the different types of loft conversions available and see which one best suits your needs.


The dormer is the most popular loft conversion. This type doesn’t usually require planning permission, although it is always worth checking. It can potentially add up to 50 cubic metres of space and a large amount head height. You can also build on a dormer by adding two together, which creates an L-shape. This type is usually used when wanting to add an en suite to a bedroom.

Hip to Gable

If your home has a roof with sloping slides ( hipped roof ) then you’ll be able to create a lot more space with a hip to gable loft conversion. This will see the hipped end of the roof extended into a roof with straight sides ( gable roof ). This create a lot more space inside. There is also room for further extension, you can add a dormer to this. Combining the two different types to create a vast amount of space.


This type of loft conversion changes the shape of your roof to a vertical slope. This allows you to add in extra windows or even a balcony. This type will allow you to add in a couple of new bedrooms or a bedroom with an en suite. It is that big, of course it depends on the size of your house. The chances are you will need planning permission for this, but don’t worry we can help with that.


A velux loft conversion is probably the most simple type of conversion. These are very popular in the market. Mainly down to the fact that your roof structure isn’t changed in anyway. Windows are simply added to the roof. A velux is ideal for adding, office space or an extra bedroom. They aren’t the best for utilising all your internal space, so perhaps isn’t the best if you are wanting to create a lot of extra space. Check out one of velux/skylight loft conversions on our projects page.


Whether you need some work on an existing loft conversion or you want to get the ball rolling on your first, let us help. Here at TJM Building & Joinery, we can offer you a free consultation and give you expert advice on what will work for your home. Get in contact if you like to start your loft conversion journey. Check out our transformations page for some other examples of our work.