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15th July 2019
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Choosing the Right Roof Windows


Roof windows are perfect for getting natural light into areas where standard windows fail to do so. If you are planning a loft conversion or an extension, roof windows are an essential part. Bringing light to dark areas of your home will make your property more attractive to potential suitors and increase the value of your home. Take a look below as we explore the different materials and designs that are on offer.


Top hung windows are a popular option today. One of the main reasons for this is that the pivot is at the top of the window, therefore none of the sash enters the room. These windows will usually be installed at eye level. Perhaps best suited if you are looking to enjoy the views from your loft or extension.

Sticking with the views theme, side hung windows are a great option. The entire window is on the outside when opened. On a more serious matter, this makes a great escape in case of an emergency. You can choose from a left or right pivot.

After all that has been said, the most popular roof window is the centre pivot. By in large down to the fact they are the cheapest option to add that extra ventilation and light. They are designed so when fully opened, one half enters the room, whilst the other exits. You open these via the top or bottom of the sash.


Although double glazing is undoubtedly a popular choice, there are still a wide array of other options to pick from. Noise reducing glazing is a popular choice if you live in a built up area. This glazing adds laminated layers of glass, meaning it is very durable and hard to break. If safety and security is an important factor, then look no further than laminated glazing. This glazing offers tough inner panes that will stop any glass falling into your property if the window is smashed.

Triple glazing hasn’t quite reached the popularity of double, but it is still a great choice. This type of glazing is made from three panes of heat strengthened glass. This results in a reduction in condensation and noise, plus improved insulation. They are very easy to maintain, cleaning them is a breeze. Triple glazing windows will keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

If your extension or loft conversion involves a bathroom or bedroom, then opaque glazing could be a viable option. This will add the extra privacy you are looking for. Enhanced security glazing is also another great choice, it involves a reinforced hinge and lock system. Which will prevent glass removal. A perfect choice for a ground floor extension.


Window Frames

Any window frames with a timber core painted white are hugely popular. These window frames brighten up the room as the painted finish reflects the light. They also offer high durability and have a sleek modern look. If you plan on having an en-suite in your loft conversion then white polyurethane frames are a great choice. Much like the aforementioned window frames, these also feature a wooden core. However these are finished in protective white polyurethane. Most importantly PU window frames are highly moisture resistant making them the ideal choice for an en-suite.

In terms of maintenance, white uPVC window frames are very easy to maintain, down to the fact there is no timber core. They are in-fact made from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. These window frames provide great insulation and are very durable. Throw in the added bonus that they are great value for money.

If you’d like to take the more old school approach, then you can’t go wrong with the traditional lacquered pine frames. They offer the classic look which can really top off an conventional bedroom. These window frames have great longevity and will serve you well for years.

Hopefully this guide will have helped you make an informed decision for your roof windows. If you’d like any more information on the matter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.